Spread the Beauty was founded in the beginning of May by a small group of college students in Chicago, Illinois who had a mission: to promote the self-image of people everywhere. Each day, we would hear girls at our school talk in a degrading way about their bodies. It was clear that their self perception was negatively skewed and that their self esteem was low.

We decided that we wanted to change this and help these people understand how beautiful they truly are!

We began by scribbling uplifting messages on colorful sticky notes and leaving them around school for people to find. After seeing the positive impact it had on our peers, we decided to take it to the next level and create this website so that we could all affect even more people together 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us a message!

We can be reached through email at: spreadthebeautyLOVE@gmail.com.

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On behalf of the staff of Spread the Beauty, thank you for visiting our site!

Stay beautiful!